Press Kit


A Horde Too Many is a Post-Apocalyptic Action Side-scroller with a combination of Survival, Base Management and RPG elements.

The player is charged with the decision-making of an ever-expanding group of survivors and must manage their supplies, craft deadly contraptionsupgrade their abilities and build upon a base camp. Exploration is key in a harsh new world where forging uncanny alliances will be necessary in order to face the many dangers of the wastelands!

Including elements of Survival and Side-Scrolling Looter-Shooters, A Horde Too Many stands out with its unique Party-Combat System, charging the player with the direct control of up to 4 fully-customizable characters at once, each with their unique weaponry, perks, play-style and special abilities.

Collect unique survivors and strategically pick your team of apocalypse-hardened characters to fight through the outstanding amount of living dead that are trying to get your brains for a snack!

Keep your base camp safe and develop your defenses while growing a community of bad-asses that you can command into the constant fight for survival. Explore the wastelands in search of supplies, craft new weapons and armor, upgrade your abilities and face the unexpected dangers of the post-apocalyptic world of A Horde Too Many.

  • SURVIVE through the daily challenges of a post-apocalyptic world
  • BUILD a safe haven for your expanding group of survivors
  • EXPLORE the vast wastelands through randomly generated environments
  • PROTECT your base against endless hordes of undead and living threats
  • COLLECT dozens of characters with unique weapons, skills and fighting styles
  • CRAFT new weapons, armor and contraptions to take on tougher challenges
  • UPGRADE your defenses and expand your camp by finding and spending supplies
  • CUSTOMIZE your team of bad-asses to fit your playstyle and strategies
  • MANAGE your resources and decide who gets to live another day
  • LOOT UP and collect rare materials to craft outstanding weapons
  • GROUP UP and face dangerous missions controlling up to four survivors at once
  • TEAM UP with your friends and face the world of A Horde Too Many in Co-op Mode
  • CHALLENGE yourself in a competitive Gauntlet Arena Mode with online rankings
  • FIGHT other players in a fully-fledged online CCG riddled with the lore of A Horde Too Many

The distinct visuals of A Horde Too Many were achieved with a combination of 2D Character Design, contrasting Three-Dimensional backgrounds and advanced 2D Lighting.

  • Lisbon Games Week, 2016
  • Comic Con Portugal, 2016
  • Casual Connect – Indie Prize Berlin, 2017
  • Comic Con Portugal, 2018
  • XL Games World, 2019
  • Lisbon Games Week, 2019

We’re a small team from Portugal that is really passionate about videogames and game development. We love to make our ideas come to life in a fun but challenging way. ‘A Horde Too Many’ is our first indie game title but we’ve been working together in software and mobile development for several years.

  • Luís Nogueira – Lead Developer
  • Carolina Saraiva – Artist
  • Gonçalo Fonseca – Programmer
  • Inês Lopes – Programmer